Budget Activities During Your Rwanda Safari

Budget Activities During Your Rwanda Safari : Rwanda has positioned itself as a luxury destination for travellers interested in having a once in a lifetime as they visit the most luxurious destinations that they have to showcase. The fact that Rwanda has gained popularity over the years due to the extensive campaigns that they have made to boost their tourism, it has attracted a number of travellers to make their way to the country to participate in a number of different activities and this has led to a number of activities to feel left out on the different activities that they can embark and the different safari packages that are designed because of how expensive they are. However, in this article we are going to give you an insight on budget activities that you can take part in to have a safe safari and enjoy your wildlife experience at an affordable price.

Track the golden monkeys

Are you a traveller interested in tracking the endangered primates in Rwanda and you are not ready to pay 1500usd for a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda. participate in golden monkey trekking in Rwanda which will also lead you to hike the Virunga mountains in Rwanda which will give you access to the habituated golden monkey troops that you will get to spend an hour observing their rewarding features in the wild. On rare occasions while hiking the Virunga mountains in Rwanda to access the troops you can have sightings of the mountain gorillas however it is not guaranteed but there are chances of watching the species because they stay in the high elevations where one can access the mountain gorilla. A golden monkey trekking permit in Rwanda can be obtained at a price of 100USD which is cheaper compared to a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda.

Visit Kigali genocide memorial museum

As part of your budget activities during your Rwanda safari in order to save up some money, you can participate in the Rwanda genocide tour which will give you an insight about the unfortunate events in the country that led to the death of about 1,000,000 Rwandans. While visiting the museum, you will get the chance to watch the different exhibition areas to see how the people were killed, confessions from killers and the victims which will help you appreciate more where the country has come to where it is right now. Interesting about the safari experience is the fact that the Rwanda genocide memorial museum is free of charge to every traveller that makes their way to

Visit a cultural group

There are a number of different cultural tours that you can visit to help you understand more about the culture of the people of Rwanda. for as low as 25 dollars and in some destinations 12usd, travellers can visit the different cultural groups like the ibyi’wacu cultural village where you will get to observe a number of rewarding cultural features like the cultural dance performances, you will also get to watch how they make their cultural dishes in the wild.

Budget Activities During Your Rwanda Safari
ibyiwacu cultural village

Visit Akagera national park

As part of your Uganda safari on a budget, you can make your way to Akagera national park in Rwanda where you will get the chance to watch a number of activities but the activity that you should put an emphasis on is the game drive which will give you the opportunity to track the big five animals in Rwanda as you participate in the morning game drives which will give you access to the herbivores as they graze within the plains, you can also watch the carnivores as they catch their prey in the wild for a rewarding safari experience. Interesting about the game drives in Akagera national park, on the first day once you pay for the park entry fees on the first day, you will have access to a free full day game drive that will help you track a number of different attractions.