Culinary Tours in Uganda

Culinary Tours in Uganda : Are you a traveller interested in discovering a number of dishes in Africa then the country is the perfect destination which will lead you to a number of destinations that will help you taste some of the best that the country has to offer to make your culinary tour one of the best Uganda safaris that you can embark on to make your experience quite memorable.

Local dishes

It should be noted that Uganda is a culturally diverse country that has a number of cultures that have a number of cultural attributes and distinctive behaviours. Among the most notable features about they different cultures include their food which is quite unique as you visit a number of tribes in the different groups of people. The Baganda, an interesting group of people in the country that you will get to watch when you visit a number of restaurants.

An amazing food that you will get to test is the Luwombo which is a sauce prepared in banana leaves which leaves it with an amazing aroma the aroma comes from the deliciousness of the banana leaves mixed with a number of organic herbs and veggies from the juices from your choice of meat/ poultry and for vegetarians, there are different vegan options making it one of the best dishes that will cater to the different needs of travellers and important to note about the dish is the fact that there are no additives, or cooking oil used but still it’s one of the most delicious foods you can taste during your culinary tours in Uganda.


’In Uganda we don’t wear Rolex, we eat them.’’ You might have read this statement at some point while searching for a Rolex and if not let me explain that in Uganda they eat more Rolex than wearing them. For the lovers of flat bread, don’t miss out on eating a Rolex when you visit Uganda during your culinary tours in Uganda. A typical rolex is a flat bread also known as a chappati rolled over an omelette with a number of veggies like tomatoes, onions and bell papers however it can be customised according to your liking and you can include chicken, sausages, turkey, lamb and many other meats for travellers interested in having a kick t their rolex. When you taste a Uganda rolex, you will get to understand why it is the national food for Uganda. interesting about the food, there is a food festival for celebrating the culture of the people of Uganda through their food and with the rolex festival you will get to taste the different types of rolex that will make your experience quite memorable.

Culinary Tours in Uganda
Culinary Tours in Uganda


Grasshoppers also known as Nsenene in Luganda are among the memorable dishes that you should not miss out on eating during your culinary tours in Uganda the grasshoppers are a source of proteins and are quite delicious while well-seasoned with salt, pepper, onions, bell peppers that will make an amazing dish to feast on. although the grasshoppers are among the most rewarding dishes in the country these are seasonal and are caught during the rainy months of November and April for travellers interested in feasting on them then you should consider visiting the country during these months to enjoy the organic full of proteins grasshoppers.

You can tailor the culinary tours in Uganda with a number of tours in the country like the primate safaris in Uganda that will lead you to the mountain gorilla in Uganda that you will get to watch when you participate in gorilla trekking in Uganda which will lead you to Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park. you can participate in golden monkey trekking in Uganda to watch the endangered golden monkey troops, you can also participate in chimpanzee trekking in kibale national, chimpanzee habituations n kibale national park and gorilla habituation in Uganda and many other rewarding activities for an amazing safari experience.

You can participate in the game drives in Uganda which will lead you queen Elizabeth national park, the game drives in Murchison falls national park, kidepo national park, you can also participate in rhino tracking in ziwa rhino sanctuary, that will make your safari experience quite memorable.