Cultural Tours in Akagera National Park

Cultural Tours in Akagera National Park

Cultural Tours in Akagera National Park

Cultural Tours in Akagera National Park are encounters that give a different kind of experience to travelers as they get to interface with the locals and learn about there life. Akagera national park is known for the big five animals which include the elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard and lions that can be seen in the park when they carry out the game drives in the park. The park has a number of activities that can be carried out to ensure that you have the   best time while carrying out the Rwanda tour

The park will give you the ultimate wildlife experience with activities like boat cruise that can be carried out on the different lakes in the park like Lake Ihema, Lake Shakani and a number of lakes. birding can also be carried where you will see a number of bird species that can be seen near the swamps in the park some of the bird species that can be seen include the endangered shoe bill stork, the Hamerkop, Caruthers’s cisticola, pied crow, black-headed weaver, fan-tailed widow bird, violet’s black weaver, long-crested Eagle the African fish Eagle, the open billed stork, the egrets, cormorants, Senegal lapwings, African darter.

You can also participate in sport fishing, nature walks among other activities to make your trip quite amazing and after you finish your amazing adventure in the park, you can add on your experience by visiting the cultural villages around the park which will also be carried out during the Rwanda cultural tours. While carrying out the cultural tours around the Akagera National Park, you will visit the Imigongo cultural centre and the Humure refugee village.

Cultural tours around Akagera national park

Imigongo arts and crafts centre

Imigongo arts centre has a lot to offer to all the tourists that visit the centre to ensure that they get to experience the feel of Rwanda life that can be experienced while in the country. The Imigongo cultural centre was established by prince Kakira who established the centre to ensure cultural preservation through art, storytelling, poetry, cultural dances, cultural practices, local culinary and so much more.

On reaching the park, you will be mesmerised by the beauty that catches your eyes with the cool red and white paint that is designed in a way that you will want to enter the centre to see more of what it has to offer and interesting about the paint is organic that is got from cow dung that us added with plant material to make the white and the red paint that can be seen on reaching the centre.

There are many activities that can be carried out while you visit the cultural centre which may include; visiting the cattle farm where you will see the famous Ankole which have long-horned cattle where you will be taught how to milk a cow with the help of an instructor who will give you directions on how to carry out who will also teach you how to make ghee from the milk got from the cows which is an interesting activity to participate in and it is one dairy product that you cannot miss finding in a Rwanda kitchen 

At the craft centre, you can also participate in the honey-making process at the centre, at the centre, you will also be taught the modern and the traditional styles of beekeeping, beer making process by using bananas after you participate in the beer-making process, you will then head to the beer warehouse that can be accessed across the arts centre.

You will also be taught about the culture of Rwanda through dance and poetry and where traditional dances of the Rwanda people where you will be able to participate in if you’re are interested in being part of the amazing dances.

Cultural Tours in Akagera National Park
Imigongo arts and crafts centre – Cultural Tours in Akagera National Park

Humure refugee village

The Humure refugee village is one that settled in Rwanda from Tanzania which many dreams and aspirations to fulfil. Then Humure refugee village offers an exciting tour around their small villages where you will have one of the exciting cultural adventures, through the different activities that you can participate in to ensure that you have an amazing tour of the village. He cultural tours in Humure refugee include the cultural dances, poetry and the traditions skits and plays that are acted for the tourists that visit the cultural villages where they will also understand more of the culture of the people in the community.

At the village, you will participate in a number of other activities like beer making and how it is carried out in Tanzania by teaching you new ways which is a bit different from the way the Rwandans make their beer. They will also teach you how to milk cows during the tours to the cow farms.

You can also participate in the traditional honey harvesting process which you will participate in and at the end taste the product. You will also be taught on how to prepare milk in the Tanzanian way and the different recipes that are used to have a nice flavour. You will also visit the local gardens near Lake Ihema where you will be taught traditional methods of farming, the tools that are used to carry out the farming process.

At the Humure cultural village, the cultural tours in the area will be rewarding because you will get the participants in the preparation of the local dishes of the community and here you will also have a chance to taste the different cultural dishes after visiting one of the cultural homes of the people in the Humure refugee village.  Art lessons will also be provided by the instructors in the village who will teach you how to make soap, paint by using plant materials, pottery where you will participate in making cooking pots, plates and so many more items that are used daily. 

Interested in having the most of the Humure cultural village you can carry out an overnight stay where you spend the whole day in the village and also get the chance to sleep while understanding the culture of the village. You will be able to see how the people carry out their night activities you will also participate in the dances that will be carried out at the bond fires, games like Igisoro to make your cultural tours around akagera national park interesting.