How To Plan A Big Five Safari In Rwanda?

How To Plan A Big Five Safari In Rwanda? The big five safaris in Rwanda are part of the notable safaris in Rwanda that will help you explore the different attractions that country possess for a memorable safari experience. Travellers interested in watching the big five animals in Rwanda that is the lions, rhinos, leopards, elephants and the buffaloes will make their way to Akagera national park the home to the species and other attractions that can be seen when you participate in a number of activities. The most notable activities where travellers can easily track the big five animals in Rwanda include the game drives in Akagera national park and the boat cruise on lake Ihema.

Travellers can either participate in the day game drives and the evening game drives will give you the chance to watch the elephants, rhinos grazing within the park’s plains for a memorable. Travellers can also participate in the nocturnal game drives which will help you to watch the carnivores like the leopards, lions catching their prey in the wild among other attractions in the wild and many other rewarding attractions in the wild which will also help you understand how the park comes to life when the sun sets which will lead you to a number of attractions for a memorable safari experience. For travellers interested in planning a big five safari in Rwanda here are some pointers that you should look out for to plan the most rewarding safari experience

What time to wake up in order to access the park

Travellers can take part in the game drives in Akagera national park for one day or more days depending on the time they have to spend in the country/ the national park observing the different attractions in the wild.  It will take travelers about 4 hours to access the national park from Kigali city therefore it is important for them to plan accordingly in order to maximize their time in the wild. For traveller interested in a 1 day Akagera national park safari with pick up and dropoff in Kigali city will have to wake up as early as 5:00am to make their way to the park and participate in a full game drive and later on head back to Kigali city. There’s a fine for travellers that exceed the given time for the game drives in the national park therefore you should ensure you plan accordingly for your time in the park. A half game drive in Akagera national park is 25USD and a full game drive 40USD and for travellers interested in the nocturnal game drives 40USD. Travellers can also watch the big five as they participate in the boat cruise on lake ihema. As you enjoy the boat rides, you will have the opportunity to watch the elephants quenching their thirst from the shores and many other attractions for an amazing safari experience.

How long can you track the species

You should also find out how long it takes to track the species in order to plan your itinerary accordingly. Exceeding the given time to participate in the game drives will lead to fines so understanding how long one can participate in the activities to ensure that you enjoy an amazing safari experience in the wild also understanding when to leave the park premises.

How To Plan A Big Five Safari In Rwanda?
Rhino Trekking in Akagera National Park

How much funds to carry for your safari

Rwanda is relatively an expensive country therefore you should plan accordingly before making you way to the different destinations like Akagera national park to participate in a number of activities. You should inquire from your safari operator to help you understand more about the species to make the perfect safari experience in the wild. With knowing the different safari packages in the wild you will ensure you plan a safari within your budget to avoid over spending and this in a way will ensure you stay within your budget and have an amazing experience. Once you pay for the park entry fees in Akagera national park, you are entitled to a free game drive on the first day so for travellers that are on the budget, they can make use if the offer and to those that will be staying more days in the park they can plan accordingly making use of the free game drive as well by incorporating it in their itinerary to reduce on the costs.