Luxury Rwanda Safari Tours

Luxury Rwanda Safari Tours, Vacations & Trips: Popularly known as “the land of a thousand hills”, Rwanda is strategically positioned at the centre of Africa. Tucked away in East Africa’s is a charming tiny country filled with exotic nature, cultural life, as well as wildlife. Despite all the difficulties Rwanda encountered in the past few years, it is currently among the world’s best examples of conservation efforts and sustainable developments. A luxurious safari to Rwanda that offers unique travels, breathtaking natural scenery, exotic experience with wilderness, and a glimpse into the diverse cultural fabric of this country.

  1. Discovering Rwanda’s Unique Charms

East Africa homes a destination with natural beauty, culture, history and great people. The Luxury safari tours in Rwanda are tailored to offer a superior kind of travel that commences by discovering Rwanda’s distinctive features.

This marvelous experience begins with Rwanda’s vivacious capital Kigali functioning as a gateway. Upon landing in the country, the first notable thing is their keenness on cleanliness and organization. Usually, Kigali is said to be among Africa’s cleanest and safest cities, preparing you for a memorable trip.

  1. Gorilla Trekking: An adventure of a lifetime.

Going on a hike through Virunga mountains where one can spot the few surviving mountain gorillas, which are listed as an endangered species, is definitely one of Luxury Rwanda Safari’s top ‘crown jewels’. This one has been an incomparable experience.

You will hike through the dense and old Volcanic National Park. To have an opportunity for such a meeting with those gentle giants in their natural environment is very memorable and remarkable experience. This is an opportunity to watch gorillas, as well as helping in their conservation efforts.❒

  1. Wildlife Safari in Akagera National Park.

The one-of-its-kind safari destination to satisfy those with love for wild game is Akagera National Park. It provides a home to several types of wild animals in African Savanna plains.

In your luxury game drive, you can see some lions, leopards, elephants, zebra, birds and other species.The scenic Lake Ihema adds more appeal to this magnificent park as a cruise on it provides the most serene sight of such animals and birds.

  1. Rwanda’s Primate Paradise

Other than these gorillas there are many other primates found in Rwanda. For fans of primates, Nyungwe Forest National Park is considered a place of pilgrimage thanks to its old-growth forests.

Luxury Rwanda Safari Tours
Nyungwe N.P Chimps

You can trace primates like chimpanzees here or view the black colobus monkeys. Lush canopy of the forest with its enigmatic aura make it almost surreal.

  1. The heart of nature amidst luxurious accommodations.

A luxury Rwanda safari ensures you are pampered to the fullest whilst amongst the wild. A number of well-furnished high end hotels and camp will be there too to give you different experiences. Most of these establishments are located in natural settings where one can enjoy scenic panoramas and tranquil surroundings.

The accommodation offered encompasses classy eco-lodge overlooking Lake Kivu and a deluxe camp in the Virunga Mountains. Regardless of which one you choose, you will enjoy quality services coupled with gourmet dining experience. They provide a mixture of comfort and adventure in these accommodations.

  1. Rwanda’s Cultural Richness

It’s not all about nature, wildlife and Luxury Rwanda Safari! You will get a chance to experience the rich culture of Rwanda. If you do not want to miss the country’s history and culture, you can visit the ethnographic museums in Kigali.

Connecting with the locals through Rwandan dance performance is a must for understanding about their resilience. The art exhibitions in colorful markets and craft centers expose Rwanda’s talent; they are also a chance of great souvenirs buying.


Luxury Safari Tour, Vacation in Rwanda gives you an opportunity to meet both man and beast. Despite its tragic past, this is an Eastern African treasure that is now top notch on the list of best places for individuals who want to experience both luxury and authencity simultaneously. The distinct charm about Rwanda includes trekking through mountain gorillas, plus the warmth of her peoples. Exploring this beautiful country in style, promises one of the most remarkable experiences that you will carry deep in the heart forever.

Rwanda, in the heart of Africa, is an embodiment of a true miracle of transformation and natural beauty. A luxury Rwanda safari is not a vacation but an adventure of a land of a thousand hills, a country of gorgeousness, resilience and priceless moments and experience.