Rwanda Safari in Akagera National Park

Rwanda Safari in Akagera National Park: Rwanda, situated in the middle of the East in Africa, has grown as one of the amazing safari places with numerous natural blessings and beautiful scenes. A secret destination for travellers is Akagera National Park, where one receives exceptional mixes of safari game experiences, natural scenery, and exciting adventures. This is an exploratory article of about two thousand words where we shall explore Akagera national park, examine its landscape, the life within it and the experience for the traveller.

Situated on the eastern side is Rwanda’s biggest national park, Akagera National Park covering about one thousand two hundred square kilometers. It was established in 1934 and is the only saved savannah ecosystem in Rwanda, which makes it a refugee of the wildlife. The park takes its name from the meandering course of the Akagera River forming its easterly border and spilling in Lake Ihema, one of the park’s shining gems.

Rwanda Wildlife Safaris in Akagera:

The safari experience of Rwanda wildlife safaris is enhanced by traveling to Akagera National Park. These iconic animals include the Big Five which consist of lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and rhinos. Game drives provide a chance to observe the magnificent animals from up-close.

Nothing beats the sight of Akagera’s sprawling savannas where one can spot herds of grazing elephants moving along within a beautiful African sunshine. The park has witnessed increased numbers of lions thereby offering this special opportunity to view these amazing predators in their natural habitats outside captivity.

Rwanda Birding Safaris:

There is a haven for ornithologist in Akagera since it has more than five hundred species of birds. It has got quite varied birdlife which include shoe bill stork, African fish eagle and many of beautiful birds’ species that makes it a worth of visit by bird watching tourists.

The park’s watersides are great areas for bird watching when one takes a walk there. Just imagine meeting such an outstanding specimen of nature as the shoebill stork, which is known for having one of the biggest bills. In the center of Akagera, many birds make a musical harmony with their melodic voices.

Game Drives and Guided Safaris

The ultimate safari is an unbeatable game drive in Akagera National Park. Trained guides take you through the diverse landscapes of the park and tell you about the living habits of different animals in their territory.

Safaris at Akagera offer you an opportunity traversing the hill slopes, the swamp areas and tree parks.

Rwanda Safari Holidays:

The complete experience of tourism can be found in Akagera Rwanda safari holidays for tourists looking for long journeys. The holiday packages consist of different numbers of game drive, guided walking, as well as leisurely exploration of the park’s beauty.

Accommodation and Adventure in Akagera

The Akagera National Park offers different options for lodging, ranging from luxurious lodges to camping sites for the budget travellers. Thus, you have the freedom to select a comfortable point for you as you enjoy the untamed natural scenery of the landscape.

Rwanda Safari in Akagera National Park

The luxury lodges in Akagera combine sophistication and nature as you relax on your room’s balcony gazing at the beautiful sceneries surrounding the park.However, there are adequately equipped camp grounds for the more adventurous folks who want to fall asleep listening to the sounds of Africa wildlife.

Adventure Activities

A number of adventure activities are on offer at akagera apart from traditional game drives like the boat cruise, night drive, guided walks. The experiences enable you observe the parks’ wild life using various angles.

Take a boat ride on Lake Ihema and get close encounters with hippos, crocodiles, and many other kinds of birds. The darkness of night drives out the hidden occupies of the park that offers an unforgettable experience on top of Rwanda’s star-lit sky.

Conserving Akagera National park efforts.

While Akagera has gained a reputation as a savannah wilderness area, it should be noted that the park is one of the country’s most essential conservation sites. By moving the black rhino, a critically endangered species, to Zimbabwe the country is demonstrating its commitment to preserving it’s natural heritage.

During an Akagera primate safari trip in rwanda you would also be able to know more about what is being done concerning their protection and security. The fact that one can see how sturdy black rhinos are on their own territory shows the effectiveness of such programs.


An excursion tour to Rwanda in Akagera national park is an exhilarating experience, one that provides an opportunity to meet wild animals found, discover life style of locals, and witness pristine nature around. However when you do get in, it will show to you that Akagera is more than picturesque scenery and rich fauna and also symbolize Rwanda’s commitment that goes towards eco-tourism and preservation.

Experience an unforgettable lifetime adventure by exploring Rwanda’s diversity of species through memorable safari trips at Akagera national park. Therefore, carry your baggage and take part in a safari-cum-nature trip infused with the warmth and cordiality of Rwanda.