Rwanda Travel Guide

Rwanda Travel Guide : Are you interested in participating in the Rwanda safaris which will lead you to a number of rewarding feature as you participate in a number of tourism activities in the country like gorilla trekking in Rwanda where you will spend an hour with the mountain gorillas in Africa, you can also participate in the Rwanda genocide tour which will give you access to the genocide memorial museum like the Kigali genocide memorial museums to understand more about the unfortunate event in the country The primate safaris which will lead you to chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda and golden monkey trekking in Volcanoes national park which will help you to understand more about the Albertine endemic primate species that you will enjoy watching for an amazing safari.

Other activities include the game drives in Akagera national park that will lead you to track the big five animals in Rwanda, the boat cruise on lake Ihema that will lead you to the endangered shoe bill stork and many other rewarding attractions. With the different tourism activities that you can watch in Rwanda you should also consider putting in a number of considerations to ensure you have a memorable safari experience and in this article here’s a Rwanda travel guide that you should follow to ensure that you have the most rewarding safari experience.


Rwanda is a country full of hospitable people that are quite welcoming with beautiful large smiles, having all shades of black and brown people therefore for travellers that are racist you should resist from making racist remarks about their complexion or their different features because it is an offense that can lead you to be imprisoned. The tourism in Rwanda is aimed at sustainability and also maintaining peace, unity and cultural exchange therefor you should consider being kind to one another and enjoy the beauty that the country has to offer as you participate in the different activities in Rwanda.


The genocide was an unfortunate time in the history of Rwanda where a number of Rwandans lost their lives during the mass killing by the Hutu a tribe in Rwanda. during the genocide a number of racial slurs and remarks were made that brought pain to the hearts of a number of Rwandans some of them losing their lives but after the end of the genocide the country has move on from the unfortunate time in the country therefore making remarks about the genocide is not accepted because it can be seen as a terrorist move that can incite violence among the people of Rwanda that have already moved on from the unfortunate time making it one of the safest country to visit in Africa.


Rwanda is among the countries that banned the use of plastic bags making it an eco-friendly country therefore before you make your way to the country ensure that you only carry recyclable bags and for plastic bags you should leave them in your country to help in the implementation of the no plastic bag use in the country. It should be noted that illegal sell or use of the plastic bags  can be lead you to be punished by imprisonment.

Rwanda Travel Guide
Rwanda Travel Guide

Get local currency

You should also be changing some money to local currency at the different foreign exchange bureaus to ensure that you have the most memorable safari experience in the wild. It should also be noted that a number of areas in the country accept money/ payments in local currency for instance local businesses therefore to avoid any confusions with a number of buyers while participating in a number of activities and purchasing a number of items.

Light and heavy clothes

Rwanda is characterized with both the rainy and the dry reason therefore carrying the perfect clothing will ensure you have the most memorable and comfortable safari experience. it should be noted that during the day it tends to get hot therefore carrying light clothes should be on the back of your mind and because the country is hilly or to some people mountainous you can consider packing heavy clothes to combat the coldness at night.