Visit Congo 2024

Visit Congo 2024 : On you next visit to Congo here’s all you need to know about the country which will give you the chance to understand more about the country which will give you a deeper understanding about the country than just the insecurity associated with it and some of its parts of the country. Get an insight of the security of the country and how you can ensure you have a memorable experience visiting a number of destinations in Congo for a rewarding Congo safari.

Safety of the country

It should be noted that although some of the parts of the country are generally not safe. Some parts are and this is why it is important for you to consult your tour operator about the real time situation of the country and the given areas for your safety. We are here to help you explore the safest areas in the country and also plan for you the most rewarding safari in the democratic republic of Congo.  Among the different destinations in Congo that you can visit include the Kahuzi Biega national park where you will watch the Eastern lowland gorillas in Africa, you can also visit Virunga national park to participate in the different tourism activities in the country.

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Once you have cleared the safety of the areas that you are interested in visiting then you can make your way to the different destinations and get to participate in a number of activities like;

Gorilla trekking

As you visit Congo 2024, don’t miss out on participating in Gorilla trekking in Congo which will give you the opportunity to watch the mountain gorillas in Africa and the Eastern lowland gorillas that you will get to spend an hour with observing the behavior of the primates in their natural habitats.

For travellers interested in watching the mountain gorillas in Congo, you will have the opportunity to participate in gorilla trekking in Virunga national park a park also known for having the world’s largest lava lake. For the Eastern lowland gorillas in Africa will give you the chance to access the gorilla families by participating in gorilla trekking in Kahuzi biega national park which will give you the opportunity to watch a number of rewarding attractions in the wild that will make your safari experience rewarding. Among the different features you will get to understand about the species include; how the young ones groom one another, you will also get to watch how the adult females try to get the attention off the dominant silverback in order to mate with them for instance, you will watch how the species co-exist with other wildlife species that you can watch as you hike through the dense vegetation covers. Among the different species that can be seen in the wild include; the black and white colobus monkeys, the golden monkeys, you will watch the vervet monkey, Hamlyn’s monkey and many other monkey species for an amazing Congo safari experience.

Visit Congo 2024
Congo Gorillas

Visit the gorilla orphanage and chimpanzee sanctuary

In the efforts of preserving the wildlife of the democratic republic of Congo due to the increased tendencies of poaching in the parks, the park management of both Kahuzi biega national park and Virunga national park have come up with a number of strategies to ensure that the species are protected especially the orphaned primates in the wild. Visit the Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage where a number of orphaned gorillas are rehabilitated and later introduced back to the wild. You can volunteer for a day and take care of the species. Interesting about visiting the species, you will get the opportunity to volunteer at the sanctuary and the orphanage where you will give you the opportunity to breast feed the species, you will also get to clean their sleeping areas in the park and so many other activities as you get to engage with the species in the wild.