Why Are Gorillas Poached in Rwanda


Why Are Gorillas Poached in Rwanda  : Gorilla poaching is among the different threats that the tourism industry in Rwanda is facing with its efforts of gorilla sustainability for future generations. Dian Fossey an American primatologist established the Karisoke research station in volcanoes national park where she carried out her research on the mountain gorillas in the park in order to protect them from being put at risk of extinction and by with this, she was able to find out the different threats to the gorilla populations in the world and the most major threats being poaching which involves the illegal trapping, killing, shooting the gorillas for a number of reasons while on Rwanda Safaris.

 With the increase activities of poaching, Dian Fossey  devised means of avoiding the inhumane activity which involved carrying out regular patrols in the park , destroying poaching equipment like;  their snares, nets that were used to trap them, she even went an extra mile of going to their villages and destroying their homes which in a way helped to decrease the activity of gorilla poaching in Rwanda and this in a way helped to protect the numbers of the remaining mountain gorillas and made gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park quite famous.

Unfortunately dian Fossey was found in her cabin but her efforts to protect the gorillas were not left behind because the government of Rwanda in partnership with the Rwanda development board and other international bodies that have funded the dian Fossey gorilla fund which has offered employment to a number of workers dedicated to protecting the endangered primate species in the wild and these include veterinary officers, rangers, scientists and many others that are focused on helping the species.

Why Are Gorillas Poached in Rwanda
Why Are Gorillas Poached in Rwanda

 However, with all the measures that are being put in place there are a few cases of poaching and these are because of the following reasons like;

  • The increased need for Bush meat by a number of societies that consume wild meat has led to the increase of poaching in the park because of the availability of the market for bush meat. It should be noted that the gorilla meat is considered as food for the elites in some primitive societies which has put a strain on the gorillas.
  • Poaching is quite a Profitable business on the black market where there is high demand for gorilla parts. Is should be noted that gorilla poaching is a billion-dollar activity annually where 23 billion dollars are made by poachers yearly which has increased the locals participation in the activity in order to earn a living.
  • A number of wealthy private sanctuary owners are in need for gorilla infants that are taken to their private sanctuaries and zoos because they are believed to gain them a lot of income because the gorillas are endangered species and because the rich owners are able to pay a lot of money for the infants that the locals can make in a year in once transaction it has contributed to the increased levels of poaching in the park.
  • Lack of sensitization of the benefits of protection of the gorillas to the locals has also contributed to the increased poaching activities in the park. It should be noted that gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park has contributed to the development of the areas around the part but with less awareness of the dangers of the extinction of the gorillas due to activities like poaching, it has made it worse to protect themselves.
  • The demand for gorilla parts and the ease to transport them has also led to the increase of poaching in the park. It is so easy to conceal gorilla parts than full gorillas which has increased gorilla poaching for their parts to sell the different gorilla parts to meet the demand by rich people.

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