Entebbe City

Entebbe City : Are you a traveller interested in the city tours in Uganda will give you the chance to access a number of rewarding sites as you participate in the different activities that will make your safari experience quite memorable.  Among the notable cities that you can visit, Entebbe City is among the most memorable cities in Uganda that you can visit for a rewarding safari experience. Among the most notable destinations/ sites that can be visited include;

Ngamba Island

Ngamba island is a chimpanzee sanctuary which travellers can access to understand more about the species that are under captivity and how they are protected for sustainable tourism. The island is found in Lake Victoria whereby accessing it you will have to take a boat ride to the island which the transfer to the Island is also interesting because the ride will give you a number of notable views, you will also get to watch a number of views as you also watch a number of rewarding attractions like the different bird species for a memorable Uganda safari experience.

When you get to the sanctuary, you will get the chance to volunteer for a day taking care of the species, you will watch the different conservation efforts at the sanctuary and how they have managed to keep the numbers and also have successfully increased the numbers too with a number of births that have been observed at the sanctuary. You will also get the opportunity to watch the infants at the sanctuary as they cling onto their mother’s fur which is quite fascinating to watch.

Uganda wildlife educational center

The Uganda wildlife education center which will give you the opportunity to observe a number of different wildlife species that can be seen which is quite rewarding to watch you will get to watch almost each species of the animals that you would watch in the national parks. Among the different species that can be seen include; the lions, elephants and interesting about the baby elephants at the center also known as the zoo can be bottle fed by traveller which is also another interesting feature during your visit at the Uganda wildlife education center.

Entebbe international Airport

Another interesting site in Entebbe city is the Entebbe international airport which is the country’s only international airport that you can get to access during your entry and exit in the country aside from the border points. There are daily flights in and from Uganda with its national carrier the “Uganda Airlines” which can also carry passengers and their luggage which makes access to the country quite easy for travellers that make their way to the country quite easy for them for travellers coming from the different parts of the world.

Mabamba swamp

Travellers interested in birding in Uganda will have the chance to visit the Mabamba swamp a well-known site for tracking the shoebill stork in Uganda which is the perfect opportunity to watch a number of different bird species. Travellers will have the chance to observe a number of different bird species as you watch a number of about 100 bird species in the wild for a memorable safari experience. Travellers can also get to watch a number of other bird species in the Carruthers’s cisticola, white-winged scrub-warbler, slender-billed starling, baglafecht weaver, yellow-browed citril, papyrus canary, thick-billed seedeater hat can be seen in the marsh for a memorable safari experience in the wild

Entebbe City
Mabamba swamp

The reptile village

Are you a traveller interested in in watching a number of reptiles make your way to the area and get to watch a number of reptiles among which can be seen include; a number of different snake species, chameleons, tortoises, crocodiles monitor lizards and many other rewarding attractions. The site was established as a rescue station for a number of reptiles from homes, schools and bushes and over the years the site has rescued over 40 reptile species that you can watch at the site for a rewarding Uganda safari experience.