Getting to Akagera National Park

Getting to Akagera National Park

Getting to Akagera National Park

Getting to Akagera National Park is a simple task and a very interesting journey as one gets to see beautiful attractions on their way in Rwanda. Akagera national park the home to the big five animals in Rwanda that cannot be found in either Nyungwe national park known for chimpanzee trekking tours or volcanoes national park famous for Rwanda gorilla tours. When it comes to akagera national park, the experience is quite different because you will experience one of the best wildlife safaris that are quite unmatched in Africa.

The park is known for its diverse biodiversity ranging from the species like plants, grasslands, shrubs thickets, bird species, and butterfly species to the landscapes like the numerous water bodies that can be seen in the park-like the swamps, lakes, rivers and so on that make the park one of the best attractions that can be seen on the Rwanda tour packages that can be visited while on the Rwanda tour. With the many attractions and activities in Akagera National Park that make it one park to visit, include the following that will make your tour to the park a memorable one.

Game drives where you will see a number of game drives that will offer the best experience like watching a school of hippos trying to take a deep in the waters of the different lakes like Lake Ihema, crocodiles can be seen on the banks of river akagera sunbathing or waiting for their prey which is usually the Uganda kob, antelopes that come to take a sip in the waters of the river, the zebras which is quite a view seeing the existence of the animals within the park.   

Birding is another activity that can be carried out in the park which is quite rewarding because the tourist will have a chance to see over 350 bird species some of which are endemic to the park. In the swamps of the park, you will have a chance to see the endangered shoe bill stork which is usually seen while on the boat rides around the park.

Boat safaris in the park are one of the relaxing yet interesting activities that you can take part in while in the park to ensure you have a great time filled with adventurous experience in the park. You can decide to take part in the sundowners boat cruise which usually involves people interested in seeing how the animals interact in the evening time and those interested in seeing the sunset while you enjoy the boat rides you can also hire the boat for a specific time for you and your group of friends loved ones which come at a different price that can be seen in the akagera national park fees and permits.

Sport-fishing can also be carried out in the park to ensure that you have the utmost safari experience in the park which will involve the practice of catch and release but interesting about the park is the fact that you will be allowed to keep a fish as a reward in one of the challenging activities however just because sport fishing in akagera is only carried out by people with a fishing license it makes it easy for every participant to catch at least a fish.

In order for a tourist to take part in the above activities they should access akagera national park which is quite easy because there are different means you can use to get there and the improved road transport systems with well-constructed roads that will enable you to reach in the shortest time possible while you have great views of the countryside.

Getting to Akagera National Park
Lions in Akagera

Getting to Akagera National Park

Getting to akagera national park involves the use of road transport to access akagera national park which is located in the southern part of Rwanda can be accessed in the shortest time possible due to the improved transport system of the country.

For tourists coming from outside the country, they can access the country by landing at the Kigali international airport where they will be picked by a representative of the tour company they made trip bookings with or for self-drive tourists, they can hire a  car at the different car hire centers at the airport. 

From the Kigali international you can embark on your journey to the Akagera national park where you can pass through a number of towns like Rwamagana to Kayonza to Kabarondo town and then to Rwinkwanvu where they can then access the park. The distance between Kigali international airport and akagera national park is approximately 98 kilometers which will take you about two and a half hours to reach the park.

For neighboring countries that are carrying out rod trips for instance tourists from Uganda, can use the border to access the country, in Tanzania they can access the country through the Rusumo border.