3 Interesting Facts About Rwanda

3 Interesting Facts About Rwanda

3 Interesting Facts About Rwanda : Making your way to the home of 1000 hills will lead you to a number of different features as you explore the different destinations in the country. For travellers that visit Rwanda will get the chance to explore the beauty of the country participating in a number of different activities in the country for an amazing safari experience in the wild. Here are some of the 3 interesting facts about Rwanda that will attract you to visit the country for a memorable Rwanda safari.

Safe country after the genocide

A number of travellers that visit the country are still associating the country to the 1994 Rwanda genocide where a number of Rwandans lost their lives and this is among the man reasons why travellers hesitate to visit the country because of the fear of the safety of the country however visiting the country you will get to watch the country that is among the safest countries to visit in Africa. There were divisions among the people of Rwanda which led to the Rwandan genocide however after the genocide the people of Rwanda have become a united group of people hence making it the safest country to visit in the wild and with an active police that can be contacted at any time of the day has ensured the maintenance of law and order hence making the country quite safe that will make your safari experience.

Among the only destinations with the endangered gorillas

Another interesting fact about Rwanda is the fact that the country is home to the endangered mountain gorillas that can be seen in their natural habitat. The country is home to the habituated mountain gorillas that can be seen in the Albertine rift. The country is home to five of the eight Virunga mountains where you will access the species as you hike the mountains and arguably the country is also home to half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas in the wild. The Virunga mountains in Rwanda are found in Volcanoes National park where travellers can participate in gorilla trekking in Rwanda which will give them access to the species for an hour understanding their behavior of the species for a memorable.

3 Interesting Facts About Rwanda
Gorilla Trekking

It’s an eco-friendly country

Another interesting fact about Rwanda is among the most eco- friendly country in the world and it has maintained this through its plastic free policy in the country which has yielded great success with over ten years since it was introduced in the country, it has ensured the growth of a clean and safe environment and this has led Rwanda to be named one of the most clean countries in the world and among the top 5 clean countries in Africa which is also another reason why travellers from around the country come to visit the country yearly.

It should also be noted that the country has 2 car free days in the month every first and last Sunday of the month that does not allow car movements in Kigali as a way of decreasing the emission of gases in the atmosphere. It should also be noted that the country has the Umuganda day, a day dedicated to clean the country and this is mandatory for every citizen to ensure a clean country. For travellers interested in participating in the activity of cleaning contact your tour operator on when you can visit the country for an amazing safari experience.

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