Activities in Rwanda 2021


Activities in Rwanda 2021 : Tourists interested in having an amazing time during their African safaris  then they should choose Rwanda because of a number of activities that you’ll get to take part that will guarantee that you have an amazing experience despite the fact that the country and the world at large is undergoing covid-19 global pandemic which changed a number activities in the country because of the little information that was known about the virus. With extensive research by the world health organization and the ministry of health, a number of safety measures have been introduced by the Rwanda development board to ensure that tourists have an amazing and safe experience during covid-19 in Rwanda.

Some of the safety measures to exercise by tourists while they take part in a number of activities in Rwanda 2021 for an amazing experience include; wearing a face mask, maintaining social distance during the different activities, regular sanitising of your hands and disinfecting of the surfaces you get in contact with during the different activities.

Gorilla trekking

Enjoy a number of different activities in Rwanda 2021 is taking part in Gorilla trekking in Rwanda which will give you the chance to understand more about the endangered mountain gorillas  by visiting volcanoes national park where you will access the primate species by hiking the virunga mountains in the park. During gorilla trekking, you will get to spend one hour with the primates observing a number of different features of the primates in the wild like how they co-exist with one another, how they groom one another, different characteristics of the primates in the wild like; their physical display of the primates like the fact that a fully adult male has white fur on their back thus being called a silverback. You will also get to understand that the adult females are responsible for grooming and feeding the primates in the park for an amazing experience within the park.

Activities in Rwanda 2021
Virunga Gorillas

Cultural tours

The cultural tours in a Rwanda Tour will give you the chance to visit a number of cultural villages, museums, restaurants in the country that will help you understand more about the culture of Rwanda. Some of the most rewarding sites that you can visit include; the ethnographic museum where you will have the chance to know about the different cultural practises, cultural tools and the different features of the Rwanda culture that you will find interesting. The ethnographic museum is a collection of the different cultural aspects that show the evolutions of the Rwanda culture before and after independence. It should be noted that the museum was established by the Belgian government and it is one of the best ethnographic museums in Africa that will make you understand more about the  rewarding culture of the Rwandans.

Visiting Kigali genocide memorial museum

Tourists can visit Kigali genocide memorial museum to have an amazing experience understanding more about the dark time of Rwanda in 1994 that is the Rwanda genocide which led to the death of a number of people in the country. during the visit at the museum, you will get to visit the different exhibition areas that will give you an insight of what happened in the country and how the people suffered during the dark times. Interesting about the tour at the museum is the high quality equipment to ensure that tourists have an amazing experience. during the trip, you will get to see a number of pictorial displays of a number of people that lost their lives, how they were killed which is so heartbreaking but also give you hope because of how far the country has come and how the stability of the country that has progressed  over the years with the help of the unity among the Rwandans in the country and a stable government that advocates for unity and peace among one another on your Rwanda Tour.