Honeymoon Safaris in Rwanda

Honeymoon Safaris in Rwanda: Honeymooning in Rwanda is a fantastic choice for a variety of reasons. Rwanda has proven to be the most romantic and luxury yet economical destination throughout the years. Rwanda is a small landlocked country that is a popular tourism destination. Rwanda has a number of excellent tourism attractions that are ready to welcome both domestic and foreign visitors.

If you choose to visit Rwanda, you will find the Rwandan people to be quite hospitable and pleasant, which will enhance your Rwanda safari experience. Rwanda’s security is usually good, and there are no security concerns that this country poses as a honeymoon location. The lovely scenery may be seen all around the country.

When you arrive in Rwanda, you will land at the Kigali International Airport, which is located in Kigali, the country’s capital city. Kigali has been named the cleanest city in Africa as a whole, which is an important attribute for a honeymoon location because everything should be geared toward providing a pleasant and smooth experience. Kigali city is an economic centre, and many administrative buildings have been established in the region, however this does not preclude some tourist sites.

There are various honeymoon sites in Kigali that a couple may visit, such as the Fazenda Sengha, which provides outdoor romantic experiences like as horseback riding, quad biking, ziplining, archery, trampoline, and many other sports. Kigali also has some beautiful architecture that you may see while you’re there, such as the Kigali City Tower, which stands towering in the city. You can also visit the Kigali Convection Center, which can accommodate up to 5,000 people for a conference. The highlight of this structure is the state-of-the-art technology that it was created with, as well as the 18 distinct venues in one building, Honeymoon Safaris in Rwanda..

If you just have time to visit Kigali for your Rwanda honeymoon safari and want to trek a mountain, you may take a hike up Mount Kigali. Mount Kigali, which sits at a height of 6,070 feet (1,850 meters), provides the city’s highest point of view. There are a variety of additional things that you may participate in as a couple if you plan a well-planned Rwanda safari. These activities are dependent on the type of experience you are searching for as a couple; are you looking for adventure tours or are you interested in just kicking back and relaxing on a leisure honey moon? All of these things can be managed for you.

Leisure honeymoon experience.

If you’re planning a leisure honeymoon in Rwanda, you’re in for a real treat. Rwanda offers several really pleasant spots near Lake Kivu, outside of town and on the calm country side with a cool wind. Lake Kivu has two tourist towns where you may stay: Kibuye, which is a two-hour drive from the Nyungwe forest, and Gisenyi, which is a one-hour drive from the Volcanoes National Park.

Lake Kivu is one of Eastern Africa’s big lakes, shared between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lake Kivu is a long lake with sandy beach beaches that offer a variety of island activities as well as some of the most romantic honeymoon resorts. You may take a boat ride on Lake Kivu or bathe your feet in the lake while watching the sunset, Honeymoon Safaris in Rwanda..

You may also visit Lake Kivu for a more immersive experience by riding a speed boat on the lake or participating in kayaking, which costs around $30 USD per person for an hour. You might even try your hand at fishing on Lake Kivu. Some of the hotels on Lake Kivu that will undoubtedly provide you with the ideal romantic holiday include the Lake Kivu Serena hotel, Le Palme Beach hotel, and the Paradise Malahide in Gisenyi town, and the charming Comoran resort in Kibuye town.

Honeymoon Safaris in Rwanda
Lake Kivu

Adventure honeymoon experience in Rwanda.

Rwanda has several adventurous activities, mostly in the country’s four national parks, which are Volcanoes National Park, Gishwati Mukura National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, and Akagera National Park. Each of these national parks offers an activity for you and your partner to do while on your honeymoon.

Book a mountain gorilla trekking trip, a chimp or other primate trek, or a safari game drive in Rwanda’s savannah park. If you are a couple that is interested in climbing, go on a mountain hike on one of the country’s Virunga Mountains. You may join a guided trek along the Congo Nile or rent bikes and spend three days pedaling along the Congo Nile Trail to get a better look at the nation and its inhabitants.

Ideal honeymoon hotels in Rwanda

Check out the Virunga Lodge in Musanze, close to the Volcanoes National Park. This is a luxury property that will provide both a physical and emotional element by giving views from the property as well as depicting the perfect Rwandan ambience at the lodge. Honeymooners are frequently treated to massages, room dĂ©cor, and the perfect environment to enjoy a bottle of wine by the fireplace or on your suite’s balcony.

Despite its urban location, the Kigali Marriott Hotel is an excellent choice with a five-star rating and might be an outstanding honeymoon hotel. The Kigali Marriott features an outdoor pool, a spa, and a gym where you may plan your honeymoon. The Kigali Marriott boasts an outdoor pool, spa, and gym, and offers a honeymoon package as part of your Rwanda safari.

As previously said, the Comoran hotel is an excellent alternative for anyone looking to unwind and enjoy some peace & quiet outside of town. You may also enjoy this quaint lakefront house with some sundowner beverages while looking out at the wonderful lake vista from the porch, Honeymoon Safaris in Rwanda.

The Sabinyo Silverback lodge, a property of the Governors camp, is a high-end hotel where the couple that has booked gorilla trekking should consider lodging. The rooms are clean, quiet, and romantic, with morning room service of coffee or tea and personal butler service.

Honeymoon Safaris in Rwanda
Sabinyo Silverback lodge

The Paradise Malahide is a basic hotel for honeymooners searching for a romantic yet reasonably priced stay. This lodge sits on the lake’s edge and offers a view of the lake as well as access to the beach from the property, which is one of the best in the region.

The elegant Bisate lodge, hidden in the slopes of the Bisoke Mountain, is a highly sought-after property. This entire lodge has only six luxury accommodations, which you will need to reserve in advance for your honeymoon.

The Rusizi Tented Resort is a premium eco lodge that is excellent for honeymooners visiting Akagera National Park. The resort is smack in the middle of the action, so you can enjoy some visits and far views of hippos wallowing.

The One and Only Nyungwe House is a luxury house in the Nyungwe forest that is located in the center of a tea field and may serve as a tea lover’s destination. This property’s infinity pool and tiny yet opulent suites are a highlight.