Magashi Tented Camp

Magashi Tented Camp

Magashi Tented camp

Magashi Tented camp is a luxury property situated in the wildlife national park of Rwanda that is Akagera national park. Akagera national park is located in the North eastern part of Rwanda. Akagera national park was gazetted as a place of interest by the Belgians who were the governing people way back in 1934 where it was given the status of a national park. 

This makes Akagera national park one of Africa’s oldest national parks and this was a move to protect the vast wildlife species that the area had. The Akagera national park covers an area of about 2,500 square meters harboring wildlife like the black rhinos, lions, elephants, giraffes, leopards, buffaloes, and smaller game like the antelopes; kobs, elands, bush duikers and also the aquatic animals like the crocodiles and the sitatunga. There is a lake called Lake Ihema that is located within Akagera national park that harbors the aquatic life of the park and where the visitors can take on a boat trip to view these animals and is also a great activity for birders as you get to see most of Akagera’s bird life on the lake. There are about 520 different bird species in Akagera national park.

There are a few accommodation facilities in Akagera which include Akagera game lodge that welcomes both the budget and midrange clients, there is also Karenge Bush camp that is set up for the midrange clients then there are two luxury properties in Akagera national park that is the Rusizi tented camp and the new Magashi tented camp.

The Magashi tented camp is situated on the north eastern corner of the national park overlooking the stunning Lake Rwanyakazinga. The camp currently has six luxury tents that have big space and are airy that offer a breath taking view of the Lake. The architecture of this luxury camp is all in line with the traditional customs and culture of the Rwandan people as well as the majority of the interior décor of the camp. This exclusive luxury camp has a luxurious lounge where you can relax and cool off, a prestigious dining area for meals at the lodge with a bar area for the drinks, pool with a large side deck with a convivial fire place. The dining area has an expansive deck that overlooks the greenery of the park where you can spend some quality time while at the camp.

Magashi Tented camp in partnership with Rwanda Development Board and African parks is committed to promoting sustainable and original ecotourism in the Akagera national park but with the main objective to sustain and preserve the park which is Rwanda’s only remaining protected savannah ecosystem. The presence of the black rhinos and the rare shoebill bird can all be found in this sector of the camp. The Magashi camp looks forward to helping Akagera national park to become self-sufficient economically for the first time in its history. 

The Magashi tented camp is considered a luxury camp majorly because of the unique feel of comfort, space, privacy and solitude. A room at the camp goes for 750 USD per person during the peak months and a 583 USD per person sharing during the less busy months. The peak months considered are January, February, June, July, August, September and October and the less busy months are March, April, May with November and December. 

Things you can do while at Magashi Camp

The strategic location of Magashi camp gives you a variety of activities to do for example you can take on a night game drive as the camp is located in the private access area so you can do an exclusive night game drive in the open 4×4 vehicles offered by the hotel.

You can also take on a birding experience while at the camp that is favored by the 500 plus different bird species of Akagera national park. The different birds you can see on a birding trip in Akagera include; shoebill, red-faced barbet, ring necked francolin, papyrus gonelek, white winged swamp warbler, and Ruaha chat to mention but a few.

Take on a boating trip while on your stay at the camp which is a great way to spot the birdlife of Akagera and the aquatic specs on the Lake Ihema or Lake Rwanyakazinga. The boat offered is an 8 seater cruiser boat.

Magashi Tented Camp
Magashi Tented Camp

Take on a day time game drive in a 4×4 Wheel drive tourist vehicle exploring the vast savannah vegetation of the park. You can opt to do the safari in the luxury 7 seater open vehicle that carries a maximum of 7 guests which allows each one to have an outer sit to enjoy the safari first hand.

This camp can be amalgamated within any of the safaris we offer so be sure to check out the safaris and if you are interested in staying at the Magashi Tented camp, we can arrange that for you when you get in touch with our professional consultants.