Akagera game lodge in Rwanda

Akagera game lodge in Rwanda

Akagera Game Lodge in Rwanda is a perfect start to any traveler’s safari in the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills.’ The lodge is a haven in the southern part of Akagera National Park. The lodge sits on a gentle ridge with breath-taking views of Lake Ihema and Lake Shakani. The lodge is located 5km from the southern entrance to Akagera National Park.

Given the fact that Akagera game lodge is situated in Akagera National Park, it is the perfect get away for any tourist looking to escape the bustle and hustle of the busy city. The lodge is also the ideal place to be for any visitor looking to relax and unwind on a wildlife safari to the only Big Five reserve in the country.

Akagera Game Lodge in Rwanda is currently under the management of the Mantis Resorts since 2018. The lodge has 60 en-suite rooms, each offering its guests stunning views of Lake Ihema. However, the lodge is presently undergoing refurbishment and upgrades till March 2020, with areas such as its restaurant, bar and swimming pool being most affected by the renovations process.

Akagera game lodge in Rwanda

The rooms in Akagera Game Lodge consist of features such as; air conditioning, work desk, refrigerator pre stocked with some bottled mineral water and a few bottles of wine for its guests, housekeeping, king size beds with fitting mosquito nets, laptop safe, wardrobe, hair dryer, electric kettle, cable TV and a walk in shower with hot and cold water running. Some of the rooms in the lodge are interconnected and spacious as well. This clearly goes to show you that the lodge aims at nothing but giving the best services to its guests.

Akagera Game Lodge in Rwanda provides its guests with amenities such as; board games for guests to relax and pass time, business conference center, a poolside bar, fully equipped First-Aid kit, Laundry services, children’s television networks, free breakfast, super-fast Wi-Fi internet, tennis court, swimming pool, free parking and to top it all; kids stay for free.

Akagera Game Lodge does not accept cash payments when making bookings thus all guests have to use their debit/credit cards or mobile money when making a booking for accommodation at the lodge. Given that Akagera National Park closes its gates at 6pm, guests staying at Akagera Game Lodge should endeavor to be within the park enclosure before 6pm.

Activities to do while staying at Akagera Game Lodge.

Guests staying at the Akagera Game Lodge can engage in the following activities;

Game Drives:

Guests staying at Akagera Game Lodge can embark on guided game drives since the lodge is within Akagera National Park. Game drives in the Akagera National Park are conducted in the morning and late afternoon; offering guests a chance to view wildlife like; buffalos, lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, zebras, antelopes and so many more. However, given that Akagera National Park is predominately a swampy and forested park, navigating through the national park may prove a bit cumbersome and with no full guarantee that you will get to see all the wildlife species in the park.

Boat Cruise:

There are boat cruises on the beautiful Lake Ihema organized by Akagera National Park and guests staying at the Akagera Game Lodge can opt to explore the lake and its surroundings. The lake has the largest concentration of hippos in East Africa, so one can’t fail to spot a few in water or on the lake’s shores while on a boat cruise. The lodge is easily accessible, and guests can reach Lake Ihema within 20 minutes.

Sport Fishing:

For those who like fishing, do not miss the opportunity to take part in the fishing tournaments that taken place in Akagera National Park. Catch- and – release fishing tournaments are carried out often on Lake Shakani with major fish species like tilapia and catfish being caught. Those interested in the fishing activities can always inquire from the management at Akagera Game Lodge.

Other activities that guests can take part in while staying at Akagera Game Lodge include; bird watching, guided nature walks, walk the line experience, behind the scenes tour and swimming.

How to Get to Akagera Game Lodge.

Akagera Game Lodge is just a 2 hours’ drive from Kigali by road. Travelers can also charter a helicopter from Akagera Aviation in Kigali and fly to Akagera National Park.

Akagera Game Lodge is your ideal holiday getaway in case you are looking for a hotel to stay in during your visit to Akagera National Park in Rwanda.

Book with us a wildlife tour to Akagera National Park and get a chance to stay in this stunning lodge facility.