Big 5 Animals in Rwanda

Game Viewing in Akagera National Park

Big 5 Animals in Rwanda

Big 5 Animals in Rwanda are the fiercest of all wildlife in the park and in Rwanda can only be found in Akagera National Park. Rwanda is Africa’s ultimate travel destination where tourists will have a life time’s adventure while they visit the country. The country has gained a lot of popularity worldwide because of the different attractions and activities that can be participated in while on a safari in Rwanda making it the number one tourist destination in East Africa. 

The country is blessed with flora and fauna which is protected in national parks like Akagera National park, Volcanoes national park and Nyungwe national park where you can participate in a number of tours like the primate safaris in Volcanoes national park where you will get the opportunity to see the mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys along the different virunga mountains

In Nyungwe national park, you will have a chance to participate in chimpanzee trekking and colobus tracking in the park among other activities and in Akagera national park you will have a chance to see the big 5 animals and also participate in a number of activities within the park. other attractions in the country that can attract tourists include the genocide tour, cultural tours, festival, like, Kwita Izina also known as the gorilla naming ceremony marathons like Tour du Rwanda among other activities and attractions that can be seen in the country.

The Big 5 Animals

The big five animals in Rwanda can only be seen in Akagera National park where you will have a chance to see them while in the wild  as you get to know their behaviour and co-existence in the wild with other animals. For tourists interested in tracking the big 5 animals, these include the Rhinos, Leopards, Lions, Elephants and the buffalo that can be seen during the different activities within the park.

Initially, Akagera national park did not have all the big 5 animals but with a good political tie with other countries which is another reason why Rwanda is one of the most visited countries in East Africa because of the good political relations with other countries. The Czech republic translocated 5 eastern black rhinos to akagera national park in June 2019, which included 3 females and two males. This helped in the reintroduction of the rhino species in the park which were killed during the Rwanda genocide of 1994 where most of the big five animals were killed.

An estimation of 300 lions in the park, were also killed during the Rwanda genocide of 1994 and the early 1990’s. With the end of the Rwanda genocide in 1994, a number of people that had migrated to neighbouring Uganda and Congo to run away from the violence in the country came back to the country and settled around akagera national park but with over 4000 cattle they had to encroach on the parkland which led to the killing of a number of the big five animals.  With the help of a South African nonprofit organization, 5 lionesses and 2 lions were introduced to Akagera National Park this has contributed to the increase in the of the lions in the park as well as the rhinos.

How can you see the Big 5 Animals in Akagera National Park

The big 5 animals in the park can be seen during a number of rewarding activities that will enable you to see a lot of hidden gems in the country. Some of the activities within the park that can enable you to see the different big five animals within the park include;

Game drives: You can participate in the game drives in order to see the big 5 animals and other attractions in the park. During the morning game drives in Akagera National Park you will see the early risers in the park, like, the impalas, topis, bushbucks, a number of antelope species among others still in the, morning elephants you will have the opportunity of seeing the elephants grazing in the savannah plains of the park with their young ones, the buffalos and the rhinos. During the morning game drives the chance of seeing the leopards are low as compared at night because they spend their days sleeping and nights hunting for prey. 

Big 5 Animals in Rwanda
Lions – Big 5 Animals in Rwanda

The nocturnal game drives will give you the chance to come closer to the wildlife by going to their natural habitats in order to see the carnivores in the park up-close the lions and the leopards in the park will be seen hunting for prey during the nocturnal game drives where you will also see a number of other animals in the park like the bat-eared fox and the hyenas hunting for prey.

Boat cruise: During the boat cruise in Akagera National Park, you will get to see elephants and buffalos along the river banks quenching their thirst from the water of the river, you will also see the rhinos grazing in the park’s grasslands, the leopards and lions can be seen waiting upon prey as they hide in the short shrubs while spying on the potential prey which are the lions and you will also see the sunset during your cruise. Other activities in the park where you can see the big 5 animals include; during sport fishing on Lake Ihema,  nature walks within the park among other amazing activities that will enable you to see the big five animals.