Kibale National Park Safari 2021


Kibale National Park Safari 2021 : Kibale national park Is among the most rewarding tourism destinations in the country that have attracted a number of different tourists that are interested in seeing the different primate species that are protected within Kibale forest. Uganda is blessed to have many primate destinations like Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary, Queen Elizabeth National Park where they can be found in the kyambura gorge but when it comes to Kibale national park the experience is unmatched making it the top destination primate tracking.   With the ongoing covid-19 in Uganda its should be noted that tourists will have a safe activity because of a number of covid-19 safety measures that are encouraged to be exercised by tourists in order to ensure that tourists have an amazing and safe activity without contracting and spreading the virus.

The park is a home to 13 Primate Species including 1,500 Chimpanzees, monkey species like the golden monkeys, the black and white colobus monkeys, the vervet monkeys, grey cheeked mangabeys, olive baboons, galago, the potto and many more and if that is not enough the park is also a home other animal species like red and blue duikers, bushbucks, bush pigs, giant forest hogs, common warthogs, and African buffalo, leopards, African golden cats etc and it is also a birding destination with over 350 bird species for instance the African pitta, Abyssinian ground thrush, Crowned eagle, Dusky crimson wing, Black-capped Apalis, Collared Apalis, Purple-breasted sunbird. Tourists that visit the park in 2021 are amused by the number of attractions they get to see when they take part in the different activities in the park on  Uganda Safari that should not be missed out on and these include;

Chimpanzee trekking

Have a fun filled adventure by taking part in chimpanzee trekking in Kibale national park which involves tourists tracking the primate species within Kibale forest which will give you the opportunity to spend one hour with the primates observing the different characteristics of the primates in the wild.  During the activity you will get to see how the primates groom one another, how they co-exist with one another, you will get to see how the adult females take care of one another, take care of the infants in the troop, you will get to see how they playfully swing from one tree branch to another which will help you understand more of the primate species. interesting about the activity is the fact that you will also have the chance to see the different bird and primate species in the park for an amazing experience.

Kibale National Park Safari 2021
Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale

Chimpanzee habituation

Chimpanzee habituation will give you the most authentic experience with the chimpanzees in the park as you take part in training different chimpanzee troops to get accustomed to human presence. The activity will give you the chance to understand how the chimpanzees react during the training sessions for an amazing experience in the park. The activity is quite rewarding because you will get to spend four hours with the chimpanzees observing their authentic reactions of the chimpanzees as they get to understand  how they react before they get accustomed to human presence/ before they are ready for chimpanzee trekking on a Uganda Safari.


Bird lovers will not be disappointed when they visit Kibale national park because of the fact that the park is a home to over 350 bird species which can give them a chance to see about 100 bird species per birding experience in either Bigodi wetlands or kanyachu  and this will give you the opportunity to see albertine rift bird species, bird species from the Congo biome, a number of migratory bird species and many other bird species . some of the different species that can be seen include; African pitta, Abyssinian ground thrush, Crowned eagle, Dusky crimson wing, Black-capped Apalis, Collared Apalis, Purple-breasted sunbird

Bush crafts

Bush craft making can also be carried out during your Kibale national park safari and it is carried out by children aged 15 years and below which is an alternative for children that cannot participate in chimpanzee trekking. The activity involves children hiking through the forests for nature walks and this will give them the chance to see different bird species, primate species and at the end of the walks they will carry out bush craft lessons where they will be taught basket weaving, souvenir making from the different plant materials that will make their experience memorable because they will also get to pick their raw materials that they make their crafts from.

Nature walks

Guided nature walks during your  Kibale national park safari  will also ensure you have an from the primate species like the different  monkey species like black and white colobus monkey species, red  stailed monkeys, the vervet monkey, Mona monkeys among other different monkey species, to the bird species like the white winged warbler, grey breasted pitta, yellow spotted nicator, papyrus gonolek, white collared olive back, grey winged robin chat, black bishop, white spotted fluff tail, hairy breasted barbet, black crowned wax bill among other bird species for an amazing safari.

Kibale National Park Safari 2021
Nature Walks in Kibale National Park

During the nature walks, you can also choose to take part in the nocturnal walks that will open up a new experience in the wild. You will have the chance to see nocturnal species like the pottos, bush babies, pangolins and many other creatures.