Kigali City Tour

Kigali city tour should be part of the different safaris that you participate in the activity that will give you the opportunity to explore Rwanda’s capital and the main entry point for travellers to participate in a number of tourism activities in the country for the most rewarding Rwanda safari. The Kigali city tour in Rwanda will lead you to Kigali city the capital city of Rwanda and considered the cleanest city in Africa and the most beautiful that will definitely capture your eye as you participate in the Kigali city tour. The Kigali city tour will take you on a whirlwind of emotions as you visit the different tourism destinations that will help you have an insight of the culture of the people of Rwanda for a memorable safari experience;

A you a traveller interested in tasting the best traditional dishes in Africa then participating in the Kigali city tour will lead you to a number of restaurants for a memorable experience while participating the culinary tours in Rwanda, get your taste buds ready to try a number of traditional dishes in the country for a memorable experience. Among the dishes that you will get to taste include Ugali a paste made from cassava or maize floor mixed with warm water, Ibihaza which is made from cut-up pumpkin mixed with beans, isombe which is a mashed cassava leaves with dried fish which makes one of the most popular dishes in the country. During your city tour visit the hut, fusion restaurant, cucina restaurant and the heaven restaurant and boutique and get to have a taste of Rwanda through the rewarding traditional dishes.

Visit the Kigali genocide memorial museum

 As part of your rewarding safari experience during your Kigali city tour, visit the Kigali genocide memorial museum and get the chance to understand more about the 1994 Rwanda genocide which is unfortunately among the main reasons why Rwanda is famous among travellers and the world at large.

Kigali city Tour
Kigali genocide memorial museum

It should be noted that although Rwanda went through an unfortunate series of mass killings that led to a dark period of time in the country, the country today has become to be one of the safest times in the country that travellers should visit when they are interested in participating in having an amazing safari experience during their African safari. By visiting the Kigali genocide memorial Museum, you will have the opportunity to access the different exhibition areas to help you understand more about the 1994 Rwanda genocide. In the areas, you will get the opportunity to watch confessions from the murderers that carried out the mass killings, you will also get to watch video recordings of the victims, a number of pictorial depiction of the events that transpired during the unfortunate events. There are a number of other genocide memorial sites in Rwanda that travellers can visit during their Rwanda genocide tour which will help you understand more about the unfortunate time in the country and how the country has been able to bounce back from that time.

Visit the Kimironko market

Visit Rwanda’s largest and oldest market, the kimironko market and get the opportunity to purchase some organic fruits fresh from the garden. Kimironko market is the top transaction point in Rwanda where people are able to buy and sell their goods. For travellers interested in taking a piece of Rwanda with them, they should consider buying hand crafted souvenirs from a number of vendors that have a lot of interesting stories and not forgetting the fact that they are very hospitable. The market is also a point where vendors from different countries like Uganda, Kenya, the democratic republic of Congo and many other countries are able to come together for business which is an opportunity for a number of travellers interested in knowing the culture of the different people to engage with them for a memorable safari experience.

You can also hike mount Kigali and get the opportunity to watch exceptional views of Kigali city from its summit as you make your way to the top of mount Kigali, you will have the chance to watch a number of settlement styles of the people of Rwanda, you can visit a local bar where you can take some local brew, get, you can also visit the Fazenda senga horseback riding school and take some horseback riding lessons as you also enjoy the cool views of the rolling hills of Rwanda for an amazing safari experience in Rwanda.

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