Rwanda cultural tours

Rwanda cultural tours are among the most underrated tourism activities in Rwanda but among the most rewarding this is because of the fact that a number of travellers that visit the country are interested in participating in the wildlife safaris in Rwanda that will give you the opportunity to watch a number of attractions in the country like the big five animals in Rwanda, you will get to participate in the primate safaris in Rwanda that will lead you to the mountain gorillas in Africa as you participate in gorilla trekking in Rwanda, you can participate in the golden monkey trekking in Rwanda which will lead you to the Albertine endemic species in Rwanda. You can participate in chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda that will lead you to the endangered chimpanzees in Rwanda and many other attractions that have attracted a number of travellers to visit Rwanda that will give you the opportunity to access the different destinations in the park.

With the Rwanda cultural tours, they will give you the chance to interact with the people of Rwanda as you observe their cultural attributes in a way to learn more about them, these tours are carried out in many destinations around the country and because of the hospitality of the people of Rwanda, it will be an amazing experience getting g to know their cultural attributes.

Rwanda genocide memorial sites

The Rwanda genocide tour which is among the most famous cultural tours in the country will give you an insight of the dark period in Rwanda which led to the killing of about 1 million Rwandans which was quite a devastating time in the country. A number of travellers that visit Rwanda still believe that the country is not safe to visit however Rwanda, is among the safest countries on the continent now therefore during the cultural experience you will visit a number of genocide memorial museums in Rwanda like the Kigali genocide memorial museum,  that will give you the opportunity to watch a number of exhibition areas that will give you an insight of how the people were treated in during  the genocide.

Kigali genocide memorial
Rwanda cultural tours

The genocide focused on two tribes in Rwanda the Hutu and the Tusi that were being killed by the Hutu because of the many reasons. The genocide museums wil give you the opportunity to understand more about the causes f the 1994 rwanda genocide. Interesting about the activity is the fact that you will get to9 realise how Rwandans moved past the dark period of time to become one of the safest countries that one can visit during your African safari.

King’s palace in Nyanza

The king’s palace in Rwanda will give you an insight about the royal cultural of the people of Rwanda when you get to visit the the palace in Nyanza just 25 miles from Butare town. The visit at the palace will give you an insight of how the past king’s history, you will watch their royal regalia like the hand drums, spears and many other artifacts that were used as means of communication and hunting which is quite fascinating to watch during your Rwanda tours.

The ethnographic museum

The Iby’Iwacu cultural village

While taking part in the Rwanda cultural tours, you should not miss out on participating in visiting the Iby’Iwacu cultural village which will give you an insight of the reformed poachers that are now focused on participating in the conservation efforts of volcanoes national park . when you visit the village, you will be entertained by cultural dances, you ill get the opportunity to watch their traditional ways of cooking as they prepare local dishes, you will watch how they make local brew and many other interesting features.

Rwanda cultural tours
ibyiwacu cultural village

The Humure refugee camp                                                                

Rwanda is a country with a diversity of cultures that can be seen during the Rwanda cultural tours a case in point which is the Humure refugee camp that you can visit to get an insight of the other groups of people that live in the country. The humure refugee camp is a camp that was established for the refuges from Tanzania that migrated due to the Tanzanian crisis that led to a number of killing of the people. When you get to the camp you will get to see the Tanzanian and Rwandan fusion of culture where a number Rwanda cultures have been integrated with that of Tanzania to make an interesting combination, at the camp you will e entertained by the traditional folk songs, the traditional dances and many other interesting features to make you Rwanda cultural tours quite memorable.

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