Muhazi marine beach hotel

Muhazi marine beach hotel is the 3 star mid -range accommodation found on the shores of Lake Muhazi, Rwamagana district along Rwamagana –kayonza highway in Muhazi sector in the Eastern province of Rwanda. The hotel is situated 45 minutes’ drive from Kigali City and 43km from Akagera national park. The hotel is set on seven hectares of landscape overlooking the breathtaking views of the lakeand surrounding areas. The lodge is convenient and business friendly to tourists, travellers and holiday makers who want to stay outside the park for relaxation and safari adventure overlooking the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Muhazi Marine beach hotel contains 63 elegant and comfortable rooms overlooking the beautiful  views of the lake  reflecting traditional building style with high level of comfort  .  Rooms are well , elevated ,decorated   and furnished with en- suite facilities of flushing toilets, bathroom with hot and cold showers , hot tabs , air conditioning, fire extinguishers , satellites, Flat screen Tvs , mosquito nets, wooden chairs and  table ,Complementary bottled water,  confortable wooden beds, free toiletries and many more . All rooms have large sitting areas, verandas that give fantastic view of the lake, garden and surrounding area. Rooms are equipped with comfortable queen and king beds with washed and clean beddings. Rooms vary in different sizes with single bed for individuals  ,double bed/ twin for couples and triple rooms designed for family  with different cost ranging from 200$ and above per person per night

Muhazi marine beach hotel offer different services and facilities which include;

A restaurant in the main building that serves different delicious meals that meets guest’s choice served by organized and well trained staff. Meals offered include; Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner both in and out door dinners. You can have meals in any place of your choice like veranda /garden while facing the lake or dining areas

A well-stocked bar  with a good selection of Drinks  both hard and soft drinks(beers, wines, sodas, tea ,coffee), you relax and sip the cocktail/monk tail  that winds up you evening  while enjoying  the stunning view  of the lake , garden  and surrounding areas.

 SERVICES include; Ample parking space available, Laundry and house-keeping services available, solar energy available, pick -ups and drop offs , gift shop with hand craft gifts  like shoes , clothes, safari essentials and many more.

WIFI internet hotspot available at  the hotel that enables visitors to keep in touch with their families and friends.

Bussiness centers are available for seminars, meeting for corporate function, health fitness center with gym that makes sweat out all the stresses, massage and spa that will calm your body.

Muhazi marine beach hotel
Muhazi marine beach hotel

Activities to do while at vintage cottages include; game drive in akagera national park since its close that will give a chance to see wide range of animals, boat trips at the lake, natue walks in the local village etc.

Akagera national park is found in the eastern part of Rwanda country close the border with Tanzania. Though Rwanda has different national park (Nyungwe and Volcanoes national park) , Akagera is among the best and most visited park in Rwanda. The park occupies the total area of 1,122km squared. The park   is characterized by woodlands, swamps, savannah and low mountains. Akagera national park is the home of various wildlife with over 20 mammal species which include; Buffaloes, Elephants, over 15 number of  Lions in the park , Zebras, Impalas, antelopes, Giraffes, Hynes , Leopards ,hippo ,Crocodiles etc and over 480 bird species which include; fish eagles, Cattle Egret, Hamerkop, Sacred and Hadada Ibis, Augur Buzzard, Long-crested Eagle, and Pied Crow, Black-headed and Viellot’s Black Weavers, Grey-backed Fiscals, Fan-tailed Widowbird and Caruther’s Cisticola. It is 50$ per person to enter the park. Akagera national park has different accommodations namely; Budget , Mid range and luxury accommodation which are best and affordable to the guests visiting the park. There are many activities to do while in the park which include;  Game drive both day and night game drive that enables visitors to spot different mammals and bird species in the park, Bird watching/Birding since the park has more bird species, Nature walks in the park, boat ride  and canoeing at lake  Rwanyakasinga that offers you a sturning view of the surrounding hills and swamp  while expecting to see hippos, crocodile and bird species, Fishing at lake shakani, Helcopiter adventures in the park, Community  visits in the local villages, cultural experiences ,  and many activities. You can also do gorilla trekking while at the lodge.