Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the best loved Uganda safari park, found in western region of Uganda on a total area of about 1978 square kilometers. The park was founded in 1952 and named Kazinga National park and later about 2 years was renamed by Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain during her visit. The fact that, Queen Elizabeth National Park is located on the Uganda Equator, on the floor of the Great Rift Valley, in the shadow of the ‘’Mountain of the Moon’’.

This national park boosts with over 95 Uganda mammals, around 612 species of birds and half world’s concentration of hippos are found here.  Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s second largest game park, home to diversity of wildlife species ,4 of the big5 can be seen here. The park is comprised of savannah, freshwater lakes, crater lakes, dense papyrus swamps, woodland and chimpanzee inhabited underground rainforest.

Most visitors on Uganda wildlife safari prefer visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park to its north which represented as Kasenyi plains a good site for game drives and Kyambura gorge for chimpanzee tracking. You can also enjoy a relaxing boat cruise down the Kazinga Channel which is home to vast pods of hippo, water birds and toothy crocodiles.

Continue a drive to south through the Ishasha sector, where you will have a high chance to adventure the unique tree climbing lions and various antelopes. You can do community walk to interact with friendly local people.

A Brief History of Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Well, Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the oldest safari park in Uganda, protected as one of the Uganda wildlife reserve in the 1920. It was gazette as Kazinga Channel National Park in 1952 by the protectorate administration but renamed two years later to commemorate the first Uganda visit by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

Where is Queen Elizabeth National Park? / Location;

Queen Elizabeth National Park lies in southwestern Uganda.

The driving distance from Kampala to Queen Elizabeth park covers about 5 to 6 hours, passing via Mbarara route.

Because of its proximity to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park a home to unique mountain gorillas and Kibale National Park a home to endangered chimpanzees, makes it a popular combination with gorilla trekking safari and chimpanzee tracking in Uganda. It takes roughly 2 -3 hours to drive from Kibale Forest to Queen ‘’157km’’ and takes about 4 to 5 hours’ drive from Bwindi to Queen ‘’218KM’.

Another option, you can use scheduled flight that connect Queen to Entebbe. The flight might take 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the route used.

Attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park;

Wildlife in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National park ranks as the top Uganda wildlife safari destinations. This is because of its diverse habitats that offer a perfect home for over 95 mammal species. It is inhabited by four of the big five, over 5000 hippos, 10,000 buffaloes ,4000 elephants and about 300 lions. More so, also a home to primates with over 400 chimpanzees individual ,10 species of monkeys and many antelopes, reptiles and more famous for its tree climbing lions.

Here is the list of animals to see on your Queen Elizabeth national park safari;

The unique tree climbing lions

Ground dwelling lions

African leopard

African Bush elephants

Cape buffaloes



Black and white colobus monkeys

Olive baboons

Red –tailed monkey

Spotted hyenas

Giant forest hogs

Nile crocodiles

Nile crocodile

Uganda kobs

Defassa waterbucks


Side-striped jackals


Banded mongoose

Birdlife; There are over 620 species of birds in Queen Elizabeth National Park hence making it a perfect destination for your Uganda birding safaris tour.

The park’s variety of different habitat makes it a great bird list of over 620 Uganda bird species, they are habitat of water areas, forest area and savanna area with in the park. Water bird species include; pelicans, fish eagles, storks, flamingos are seasonal.

Queen Elizabeth National Park
Palm –nut vulture

Other list of key bird species to look for in Queen on your Birding Tour in Uganda include;

Martial eagle

African fish eagle


Grey-crowned cranes

Ayre’s snake eagle

Ruppell’s vultures

Palm –nut vulture

Grey Kestrel

Pin-tailed Whydah

Temminck’s Courser

Saddle –billed Stork

Water Thick knee

African Jacana

Great white and Pink –backed pelicans

Caspian Plover

Collared pratincole

Great blue turaco

Grey-winged robin –chat

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the beautiful Uganda safari park, lied on the floor of the rift valley against the backdrop of the magnificent snowcapped Rwenzori mountain and composed of the land scape that make it a unique photographer dream destination. Activities to do while on safari in Queen Elizabeth national park include; Boat cruise, Lion tracking, Game drive, Chimpanzee tracking, Guided nature walk, Night game drive, Game drive, Visiting the Ishasha sector to view the tree climbing lions, Community visit amount others.

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