Rhino Trekking in Akagera National Park

Rhino Trekking in Akagera National Park: Akagera National Park has added a new activity, rhino tracking, which allows guests to go through the jungle and get up up and personal with the rhinos.

The tourists will join the park’s rhino trackers, who go out each morning on foot to monitor the rhinos for their safety and acquire information about the rhinos, such as their health.

The rhino tracking at Akagera National Park takes place on the huge Kilala plains in the park’s north, which are home to 30 rhinos of the white rhino variety that were introduced into the park towards the end of the year of 2021.

White rhinos are grazers, meaning they eat primarily on grass, and the green Kilala plains are suitable for them. Black rhinos, on the other hand, are browsers, grazing high on the leaves of tree branches. It’s no surprise that the black rhinos in Akagera are found in the park’s south, which is characterised by acacia woodland and woods.

Rhino Trekking in Akagera National Park
Rhino Trekking in Akagera National Park

The rhino move with rhino monitors will allow you to learn about the rhinos and other animals you see. The walk also allows you to find and witness species that is located far from the drive tracks and would be impossible to notice when driving.

How can one book Rhino trekking in Akagera National Park?

Please keep in mind that rhino tracking is only offered to guests staying at the Karenge Bush Camp, a seasonal tented lodge located in the northern part of Akagera National Park overlooking the stunning Kilala plains. If you want to include rhino tracking in your safari trip to Akagera National Park, you must stay at Karenge Bush Camp.

Karenge Bush Camp is open for 9.5 months of the year, shutting in April and November until mid-December. Given that the white rhinos are in the north of the park and that journeys into Akagera begin in the south of the park, which contains the entry, a two night/three day Akagera tour schedule would be appropriate.

The first night is spent in the park’s south, at either Akagera Game Lodge or Ruzizi Tented Lodge, and the second night is spent in the park’s north, at Karenge Bush Camp, before exiting through the northern exit gate.

How much does Rhino Trekking/tracking cost in Akagera National Park?

Rhino trekking/tracking in Akagera National Park costs USD 75 per person and takes a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people.

Is it Safe to trek/track Rhinos in Akagera National Park?

You might be wondering how safe it is to approach the rhinos on foot. The white rhinos are not hostile and will tolerate your presence as long as you keep your distance. This is in contrast to black rhinos, which are notoriously aggressive and lethal. The rhino trackers will advise on safe distances from rhinos and how to behave when in their vicinity.

What about the risk of seeing other wild creatures like lions, elephants, and buffaloes? The trackers are educated about the potential other animal encounters and prepare a safe course. Armed people who can shoot in the air to scare away an errant animal will also be part of the team. However, this is extremely unlikely.

History of Rhinos in Akagera National Park.

Akagera National Park is home to all five of Africa’s big five: lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, and rhinos. It is reported that Black Rhinos used to roam the plains of Akagera National Park in the 1970s, but they were all killed owing to rising poaching. The final rhino was spotted in 2007 before they were declared extinct. Since 2010, African Parks has maintained Akagera National Area, which has done an excellent job of rehabilitating the park and increasing visitor numbers.

Rhino Trekking in Akagera National Park
Rhino Trekking in Akagera National Park

The park’s administration has been working tirelessly to prepare for the Rhinos. They assembled a well-trained rhino tracking squad as well as an anti-poaching canine unit. They’ve also arranged for a helicopter to provide aerial monitoring at certain intervals.

Other Activities Offered in Akagera National Park

Aside  from rhino trekking/tracking, Akagera national park offers its visitors other alternative activities such as; game drive safaris, boat cruise tours on Lake Ihema, Walk the line tour, Behind the Scenes, nature walks, sport fishing, birding and cultural/community tours.