Travel Guide For Uganda During Covid-19


Travel Guide For Uganda During Covid-19 : Covid-19 in Uganda affected a number of activities in the country including tourism in Uganda after Uganda confirmed her first case in March 2019. With Covid-19 in Uganda a number of activities were put on a stand still, the airport was closed but with more data that was accumulated on the virus like the way people can live despite of the presence of the virus, the safety precautions they can follow to ensure that they do not contract the virus, the government also put in place a vaccinations programme which has been successful with a number of people showing up to be vaccinated.

This has allowed tourism activities in Ugandgorilla trekkinga to be carried out and these include activities like; gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park,  in mgahinga national park, chimpanzee trekking in Kibale national park, game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park and Murchison falls national park among other activities during the Uganda safari.  With access to the country, for tourists interested in having an amazing time, here is a travel guide for Uganda during covid-19 that will give you an insight on what you should follow to ensure you have an amazing time in the country.


There are a number of covid-19 safety measures that the government of Uganda has put in place in order for tourists to have a safe activity in the country as they have an amazing time taking part in a number of activities in the country;

  • Wearing a mask is an essential item while taking part in the Uganda safari. It should be noted that the ministry of health in the country stressed the tourists and locals to put their face masks on while taking part in the number of activities so as to avoid the spread and contraction of covid-19. It should be noted that the virus can be spread through air with a number of infected droplets that can be avoided if people wear their masks therefore tourists and locals are advised to put on their facemasks to have a safe activity in the country.
  • While tourists visit the country, they are advised to maintain social distance during the different activities in the country for instance during gorilla trekking in Uganda, the number of participants were cut from 8 people to 6 people as a way to allow tourists to maintain social distance while taking part in the activity which helps in avoiding the spread of the virus which can also be spread through air, infected persons coming in contact with tourists/ locals that are not sick.
  • Before tourists access Uganda, they should first take a covid-19 PCR test that should be taken 120 hours before they access Uganda to take part in the different this will help to avoid the spread of the virus to tourists that make their way to the country. After landing in Uganda, tourists are supposed to take part another covid-19 test to ensure that tourists that take part in the activities in Uganda are safe from covid-19 and this will help protect them from the virus
Travel Guide For Uganda During Covid-19
Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
  • Fully vaccinated tourists that land at Entebbe international airport they will not be advised to take part in  a covid-19 test when they reach the country therefore they can participate in a number of activities  after landing at the airport because they are not a threat to the locals and other tourists.  however regardless of the fact that they were fully vaccinated or not, tourists are advised to  put on their face masks to avoid contracting other variants and also spreading them.
  • While participating in gorilla trekking in the different activities in Uganda, tourists are advised to regularly disinfect the surfaces that they come in contact with to avoid the spread of the virus since it is believed that the virus can live on surfaces for more than 12 hours which makes the virus easily to be spread.
  • Temperature guns are used at the airport and at different destinations in the country which will help to identify different cases of the virus when tourists visit the different activities in Uganda.
  • While tourists visit Uganda, they should fill in a passenger locator slip which will help to locate the movements of the tourists in case they get the virus which will help to locate the people they got in contact with in case they were exposes to the virus then it would be easy for them to be located because the locator slip includes all the details of where they would travel, stay and other passenger relevant information all this which will ensure that tourists have an amazing and safe activity during their Uganda safari.