What is Rwanda famous for?

What is Rwanda famous for? Located at the center of East Africa, Rwanda is an amazing picture of transformation, changing from tragedy to a hope of better future which has amazed all over the world. The people are among the most hospitable in the world and when you add it all up—the gorgeous landscapes, incredible wildlife, colorful fabric of history and culture–this tiny country is often called “The Land of a Thousand Hills.” As you start a journey across Rwanda beware that more is hidden beyond what meets your eyes.

Gorillas in the Mist

Gorillas trekking in Rwanda will always remain unforgettable in the book of wildlife wonderlands for wildlife lovers as well as brave adventurers. The place referred to volcano national park lies in the Virunga Mountains. Tracking these magnificent creatures through the emerald haze-enshrouded forests is a lifetime experience that instils love for nature inside one.

Land of a thousand hills

Besides its appealing wildlife, Rwanda showcases various incredible landscapes that one will never believe exist on earth. Indeed, its hinterland is green as jade and around its Lake Kivu it is silent as lakeshore. Travel eastwards towards the largest national park, Akagera, with an unbelievable amount of grassy plains that stretches up to the sky while providing habitat for various wildlife such as lions, giraffes, and zebras.

Genocide Memorial Sites

Besides, the contemporary history of Rwanda has the scars of the terrible genocide against the Tutsi that occurred in 1994 on the side. Nonetheless, such a disaster has demonstrated unparalleled strength and determination thereafter in this country. Passing through the memorial centres such as Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre is one of the most sacred tours that one cannot afford to avoid. This pilgrimage marks their remembrance, knowledge of how Rwandans suffered during their horrific past and it symbolizes recovery from their wounds during their hard times.

What is Rwanda famous for?

Exploring Rwandan Traditions

Rwanda’s different landscapes find their reflection on tapestry. You will also find the nice people of Rwanda warmly embracing through their soul touching heart. Feel the culture through participating in dance shows, visiting bazaars saturated with domestic artwork, and tasting traditional Rwandan foods. It is also worth noting that while you are there do not miss an opportunity of watching the amazing intore dance which brings together strength, technique and rythm in a manner that reflects the nature of this great country.

So, be prepared to have a ride full of excitement. For the love of nature and adventurous spirits, Rwanda is a good destination country. Traverse through the Nyungwe forest national park with primates and different birds’ species. Get ready for an adventure as you participate in a spectacular canopy walk that would make even walking seem exciting. Also, you may indulge in kayaking. Take in the blissful view of Lake Kivu as you engage in a relaxing boating experience in the surrounding environment. There are many bikes trails in the country which are for newbies to experts that will take you through the countryside where you can talk to locals for real feel of the place.

Enjoy Rwanda’s cuisine; a great culinary adventure! Rwandan cuisine presents a symphony that explores different tastes, tastes, textures and tastes. Let your tongue be tickled by specialties such as Ugali, a popular meal prepared from maize powder and accompanied with various scrumptious gravies and barbecue meat. Do not miss the enjoyment offered by brochettes; spiced and grilled meat which is usually associated with hot sauce. The street food is also appreciated by residents as well as passers–by. Additionally, many delicious types of fruits which include pine apples, banana–like plant

Conservation by Rwanda.

Notably, apart from its captivating scenery, Rwanda is regarded as one of the greatest conservationists and sustainable destinations globally. It advertises ecotourism and fights zealously for the conservation of wildlife. For example, there exist amazing Rwanda initiatives such as a re-introduction of the lions into the Akagera National Park which aims to restore ecosystems and preserve biodiversity.

Finally, Rwanda’s land will forever live in one’s heart. A must-visit destination for travelers looking to be transformed with their life time memories filled with its charming history, wildlife, beautiful landscape, dynamic culture and welcoming hearts. On your journey of discovery in this breathtaking country, do not expect to find the meaning of Rwanda but instead make unforgettable memories. So pack your bags. Prepare yourself on a journey to “The Land of Thousands hills”. Be prepared for a thrilling expedition through Rwanda!