Bio-diversity of Akagera National Park

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Bio-diversity of Akagera National Park , Akagera national park is among the richest national park with a variety of bio-diversity that can be seen distributed within the park. the park was established in 1934 to conserve and protect its wildlife that was under threat by poachers and pastoralists that encroached on the park looking for and to graze their cattle. Over the years the park has gone through a number of stress for instance with the aftermath of the 1994 Rwanda genocide, a number of Rwandans whose property was destroyed encroached on the park for settlement and land to graze their cattle and this led to the killing of a number of animal species like the lions and the rhinos and at some point the species in the country were extinct but with the help of the African parks and the Rwanda development board.

A number of measures were put in place like the re-introducing of the lions and the rhinos which has flourished increasing their numbers and also the number of people in the country which in turn has led to the increase of a number of travellers that visit the country to participate in the different activities in Akagera national park to watch the bio diversity, the plant life and animal life in the different habitats. Among the bio diversity of Akagera national park that you will get to watch include;

Water sources

Akagera national park is a home to a number of water sources in the park that you can visit to make your safari to one of the most rewarding national parks in Rwanda quite memorable.

Bio-diversity of Akagera National Park
Boat Cruise on Lake Ihema

Among the notable water sources that you can watch include lake Shakani where travellers interested in sport fishing in Akagera national park can take part in the activity which will give you the opportunity to observe a number of rewarding attractions as you participate in sport fishing which will give you a chance to keep one fish as a reward for your participation in the activity some of the fish types that can be caught in the lake include the Tanganyika tilapia, the cat fish and many other fish types for an amazing experience in Rwanda. you can also watch Lak Ihema where you will get the chance to participate in the boat cruise on lake Ihema which will help you observe a number of rewarding features in the park like the different bird species in the park, you will watch a number of crocodiles sun-basking along the banks of Akagera River where the park derives its name from among other rewarding attractions in the park for an amazing Rwanda safari.

Savannah grasslands

Akagera national park is the only park in Rwanda where you will find the savannah grasslands which will give you the chance to watch a number of attractions especially the herbivores rhinos, elephants, the gazelles, the Uganda kobs, impalas, grazing in the park’s plain. You can also get the opportunity to watch a number of carnivores that can be seen trying to catch their prey in the park and these can clearly be seen as you participate in the game drives in Akagera national park where you can participate in the morning game drives which will help you track the big five animals in Rwanda and not forgetting you can also participate in the nocturnal game drives which will give you the chance to watch how the park comes to life as the sunset, you will get to watch the different herbivores in their hiding spots where they hide from the carnivores that spend most of their nights hunting. The nocturnal game drives will help you easily watch the attractions with the use of spot lights for an amazing wildlife experience in Rwanda.

Rhinos in Akagera National Park
Rhinos in Akagera National Park

Bird species

There are a number of bird species that can be seen when you visit Akagera national park for an amazing experience in the park. some of the different bird species that can be seen while you embark on birding in Akagera national park. among the bird species that make the park the best spot for birding in Rwanda and these include; African Darter, African Wattled Lapwing, Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, Common Squacco Heron, Crowned Lap wing, Eastern Grey Plantain-eater, Great Egret, White-breasted Cormorants, Pied Kingfishers, Osprey, Double-tooth Barbet, Yellow-bellied Waxbill, Familiar Chat, Brown-throated Wattle-eye and Spot-flanked Barbet and among the most rewarding bird species that you should not miss out on watching is the endangered shoe bill stork for a rewarding Rwanda safari.